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Creating art is creating freedom for myself. As a fluid artist, when I am in the process of making, I am immersed in this state of pure flow. It is essential for me to be able to trust the moment and let go of control. Inspired by the patterns of life, I am open to the randomness of cause and effect. I am interested in fusing the connection between the physical, emotional and spiritual world in my pieces. I visualize this movement when I am painting. Utilizing pour and drip techniques, I create an abstraction of this process. I can alter the consistency and change how it flows by working in the versatile nature of paint. The spontaneity of the results intrigues me. Every piece I create is unique, free to the shifting qualities of the medium. It directly reflects how I perceive the movement of life all around me. When I am painting, all my fears, insecurities and aspects of life that restrain me, fall to pieces. I become open to the possibilities of the outcome and allow myself to be like the process; malleable to the fluid reactions of organic impressions. My art is an expression of these moments.  Each piece beautifies and celebrates the wonders of the Universe through the human spirit and the complexities of my emotions.



Thoughtscape Monthly


All works are original, hand crafted &  created using high quality materials


Pop Ups

New Rochelle Arts Fest 2023

New Rochelle, NY

All month long the New Rochelle Art Association is hosting ArtsFest which I'll be a part of!


Join me for two (2) events this month:


1) I’ll be vending at the Fifth Annual ArtsFest Artisan Market outdoors on the grounds of the historic Thomas Paine Cottage. Saturday, 10/21 11am-5pm

2) My original work “Never Doubt” will be showcased at the New Rochelle Art Associations 108th juried open show at the New Rochelle Public Library. Exhibit runs through November 6th. Reception will be held on Sunday 10/22 3pm-4:30pm

See you there!

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