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Frances Sonaly Caro is a Dominican-Puerto Rican, Latina self taught Fluid artist based in Yonkers, New York. Mainly working with acrylic paint, she incorporates ink, spray paint and epoxy resin on canvas or wood to create her pieces. She is inspired by the interconnectedness of the Universe, experimenting with the spontaneity of the painting medium by allowing her abstract expressions to be free in form.


Ever since she was a child, Caro was artistically inclined. In high school, she was accepted into the National Art Honor society and continued to attend Berkeley College in New York City, graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Fashion Marketing and Management. In light of the recession in 2009, Caro changed directions and pursued a career as a first responder in New York City. During her service years, she had little room to cultivate her true passion for art. However, during the 2020 Covid Pandemic, she turned back to art. It became an outlet for her to escape from the anxiety of the current state of the world. She has since retired from law enforcement and is continuing to pursue her career in the creative industry.


In 2021 Caro started exploring resin and fluid art and today, she continues to flourish in the freedom and healing process that the medium provides for her. It has become space for her to escape from the limitations and stressors of the world. She approaches her work as a way to re-carve her path and support her authentic self. In 2022 Caro’s work was shown during the annual Yonkers Arts Weekend (YAW) at both the Riverfront Library Gallery Pop-up Show, the Yonkers Arts Project Space for the 12th Annual Yonkers Artists Showcase and exhibited at the Yonkers Artists Spirit Show (YASS) hosted by ThePowerLab. Her work was shown at the Start Shows, Museum of Now Art Exhibition at One Art Space in Tribeca, NYC, NY from November 4th-6th, 2022 and curated by Sophocles and Thais Plokamakis, Co-founders of Start Shows. Her “Familia” collection was shown at the “I Am Because You Are” exhibition at the Yonkers Arts Project Space 2022. Frances is currently showing her work at the Winter Exhibition 2023 at the Warburton Galerie, Co-Curated by Tommy the Animator and Roddy Wildeman.


  • Yonkers Arts Weekend (YAW) Riverfront Library Gallery Pop-up Show (2022)

  • Yonkers Arts Weekend (YAW), Yonkers Arts Project Space 12th Annual Yonkers Artists Showcase (2022)

  • Yonkers Artists Spirit Show (YASS), ThePowerLab (2022)

  • Museum of Now Art Exhibition, One Art Space (2022)

  • "I Am Because  You Are" Exhibition, Yonkers Arts Project Space (2022)

  • Winter Exhibition, Warburton Galerie (2023)


Frances was a guest on the Artist Showcase Interview Series hosted by Katori Walker. This series takes the form of intimate conversations guided by Katori Walker to allow artists, or businesses that support the arts, to share their stories.

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